Mission Statement

The highest mission of The Human In The Making Foundation® is to motivate, empower, and enable individuals to become worthy of their noble station as Human-beings by actualizing their innate potentials and become an active participants in creating an ever-advancing material, intellectual, and spiritual civilization, through existential-integrative-humanistic approaches and strategies.

The cherished aim of The Human In The Making Foundation® is to provide, to the extent possible, the knowledge, insight, and the skills that are required for everyone to become the master of his/her own self by thinking independently and clinging to whatsoever safeguards his/her integrity as an individuated (in-divisible/whole) human-being and prompts the well-being of th entire human race, its peace and tranquility.

We feel the most effective instrument to accomplish such a lofty goal is a holistic, process-oriented, cohesive, relational, comprehensive, interdisciplinary, and unbiased system of education that acts as an environmental variable and integrated context for everyone who wishes to embark on the endless journey of ever-evolving search for deeper understanding and appreciation of why he/she is created? What is his/her true station in the universe, and what is his/her mission/true calling while is living on this planet?

Human In The Making Foundation ® does not, in any shape or form, directly or indirectly, criticize, minimize, or label any system of thinking. It strongly believes in the authority of truth and the supremacy of the universal facts. Hence, it does not exalt one belief system over the other, nor does it believe in undervaluing and suppressing any humanitarian efforts by anyone regardless of his/her perceptions and worldviews.

One of the yard sticks for measuring the value of any idea, philosophy, concept, and belief is the degree to which it can aid every individual  become his/her best by actualizing his/her hidden potentials in an authentic way so that he/she can continuously evolve in this never ending creative  process of individuation and differentiation.

Another measuring principle for the valuation of any idea is how and to what degree it can contribute to the advancement of justice, peace, unity, and tranquility among the diverse population of the world. In other words, how much one’s belief system can empower the individual who holds these beliefs to have the unconditional regards for other human beings and try to become an active agent of change for making the world a better place for everyone to live in.

Within these contexts, the  ultimate goal of The Human in the Making Foundation is not to “shape” other people’s worldviews by telling them “what to do” or “how” to “think, feel or act”. Hence, it will not and would not provide any definite and absolute “set of answers/resolutions” or even “suggest” any given “set of preference” for any of the current issues that are being discussed. Instead, its ardent hope and goal and sincere objective are to present, as much as possible, a holistic, comprehensive, and an integrative perspective on any given issue, through employing Socratic Questioning techniques/interventions.

The Human In The Making Foundation ® has the ethical obligation to respect the seeker’s own volition and decision about the directions and movements of his/her personal life.  One of the fundamental principle of this foundation is the belief that everyone who is searching after the truth can and will, in due time, develop his/her own cognitive and spiritual course of action in pursuit of happiness and evolutionary movement towards the discovery of underlining factors for the dynamics of problem-formation as well as problem-resolutions that upholds the true meaning of individual’s rights and freedom within the context of social good and integrated well-being of entire human race.

Alex Habib Riazati, MACP – Founder 

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