Seminars & Webinars: Upholding Human Rights & Privileges

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The Human In The Making Foundation believes in unlocking human potentials through Equal Access and Rights to Holistic Education. The main objective and ultimate goal of these seminars & Webinars are to raise the public consciousness on the current social issues and to encourage public discourse about the crisis of our age.

Upholding Human Rights & Privileges

THEME 1: The Importance of Instilling Hope, Faith, Love, Strive for Excellence, and developing the capacity for the general welfare of humanity in individual and society

Removing Barriers in Reaching One’s Potentials: Paradigm shift from stigmatization to a strength-based approach
Israel Rubenstein – 01/22/2012

THEME 2: The dynamics of calamities and providence: Developing positive assertiveness.

Rojin, the Symbol of a Traumatized Yet Hopeful Society
Dr. Kamal Artin – 01/22/2012

There is a field, where suffering and meaning meet: A Journey through life without rights
Dr. Marjan Davoudi – 01/22/2012

THEME 3 Behaviors and Belief Systems

How Our Belief Systems and Convictions Shape Our Perceptions, Attitudes, and Behaviors About Ourselves and Others, and How They Have Impacted Our Rights and Privileges as Individuals and Society Throughout History
Mr. Alex Habib Riazati – 01/22/2012


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