The Human in The Making Foundation is an organization aiming at educating, motivating, empowering, and enabling the individuals, families and communities and to encourage them to take part in contributing to the advancement of material, intellectual/scientific and spiritual civilization of humanity.

The following is the list of some of the most fundamental principles that are being promoted by The Human in The Making Foundation

1) Everyone has the right to live a life which is characterized by honor and dignity

2) The purpose of human life is for each individual to dedicate all of his/her resources to the service and the best interest of humanity

3) The honor and dignity of any person are not defined by the color of his/her skin, nor by his/her economical and political status. His/her glory and honor reside in offering an unconditional service to the advancement, justice, peace and unity of all.

4) The importance of the equality of rights and privileges for both men and women

5) The abolishing of the extremes of wealth and poverty and the recognition of spiritual solutions and long-term humanitarian resolutions

6) The harmony of true religion and true science, and balanced relationship between faith and reason.

7) The importance of independent search after truth for every individual and refraining from imitation and blind obedience to anyone

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