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Date: Sunday April 27th
Time: 10:30- 3:30

Understanding the Dynamics of Abusive Relationships (physical, emotional & sexual) in children and Adults in different contexts ( Family, Community and Society)! What are the Symptoms? What are the Treatments/prevention Models?


  • Overcoming micro-inequities imposed on females in a male dominated profession: Deloris Martin, EdD
  • The value and impacts of pre-marital counseling in developing a healthier, meaningful and more lasting marital relationship? Kimberly Salter, PhD
  • The Dark Side of Humanity: Violence (especially against women and children) How to recognize it? How to prevent it? Mo Forouzesh, PhD
  • How should one deal in his/her adult years with the lasting emotional scars of Childhood Abandonment and Neglect by his/her primary care givers? Alex H Riazati, MACP
  • Some insights into RUMI’s poems on discovering one’s True Self, Peace and Unity: Omid Youssefi, entrepreneur

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